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Web Services Monitoring

    Web Services Monitoring

  • Service Oriented Architectures help enterprises integrate simple web services to build complex business processes. Applications Manager provides a flexible approach to manage an SOA that uses SOAP Web Services. It monitors the availability and performance of these web services, giving business managers the visibility they need to ensure that their line-of-business applications meet SLAs.

  • Track the operational statistics of a web service.

    Availability : Monitor the status of the web service periodically to ensure that it is up and running.

    Response Time : Monitor the response time taken to relay a service request to detect any delays in processing the same.

    Performance : Measure the execution time of individual SOAP operations to identify any bottlenecks, that may lead to a performance lag.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager Web Services Operational Statistics
  • Receive proactive alerts in case of any faults

    Using Applications Manager console, an end user gets to view the response for a particular SOAP Request/Operation. Apart from identifying exceptions, these alerts can be generated for identifying specific user defined content by adding personalized content checks.

    The SOAP response obtained from an operation, can be processed using XSLT to show the data according to the user's requirements. Additionally, thresholds can also be set to generate alerts and reports can be enabled for the same.

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