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URL Monitoring Tool

URL Monitoring

With the advent of the World Wide Web, the way business is done has transformed enormously. Bridging huge gaps in communication, the internet has brought businesses closer than ever to their consumers; consequently, the importance of website monitoring for businesses is paramount to ensure seamless delivery of services. The process of website monitoring encapsulates the task of tracking web application parameters, analyzing performance and behavior, alerting in case of issues and reporting the historical performance to deduce the functioning of websites.

With perceptive web monitoring tools like Applications Manager's web URL monitor, monitor URL performance to ensure that your webpages deliver a smooth browsing experience to users, and any performance issues are detected and resolved before they become potential business threats.

ManageEngine Applications Manager's URL monitor enables you to:

Monitor site uptime with 24/7 URL monitoring.

With Applications Manager's URL monitor software, monitoring URL is made easy. You can monitor URL performance thoroughly by tracking health and availability of specific webpages on your URL intranet. Imagine an important webpage on your site; for example, the payments page. Downtime of this page can result in a serious loss of revenue if not detected in time. With a URL monitor in place, you can easily detect these potential catastrophes ahead of time and avoid service downtime. Instant alerts for essential metrics like response time, DNS time, connection time, and page size ensure that you stay a step ahead of problems with comprehensive URL monitoring.

URL Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Track the order of webpages visited with URL sequence monitor.

URL sequence monitor works similarly to URL monitoring, except it allows you to monitor several webpages in a sequence. For example, if a user starts on a shopping cart page and goes through checkout and payment pages, every page is monitored in the sequence it was clicked. Performance stats for these webpages are collected and include availability, response times of individual URLs, DNS time, and page size.

URL Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
URL Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
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Analyze your website performance with reports.

While URL monitoring can help detect performance issues when thresholds are violated, analytics can help you forecast performance for better long-term planning. Applications Manager's website URL monitoring tool uses forecasting powered by machine learning to predict future growth trends for various attributes of your URLs. The trend analysis report offers heat maps and charts for granular analysis, as well as historical performance analysis of various attributes.

URL Monitor Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Monitor URL - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Why should you choose Applications Manager?

With a powerful integrated console for monitoring, alerting, and analytics, Applications Manager is the ideal URL monitoring tool to monitor internet URL. It takes minutes to set up, discovers URLs automatically, and starts collecting data immediately. Try a 30-day free trial of Applications Manager, or schedule a personalized demo.


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