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Microservices Monitoring Tool

Microservices Monitoring

Track and monitor your containerized microservices architecture to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues instantly

Gain real time performance insights into your containerized orchestration platforms. With Applications Manager's microservices monitoring capabilities, you can:

Monitor microservice architecture for containerized applications

Get deep insights into your container orchestration architectures. Applications Manager's microservices monitor also lets you track critical metrics of Kubernetes, OpenShift and Nginx platforms. Track server health, status of nodes, pods, and services. Identify and isolate evicted nodes and pods and troubleshoot issues instantly.

Microservices Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

With the aid of a microservices monitoring tool like Applications Manager, admins can keep an eye on API metrics such as latency and request rates to understand and gain visibility into the performance of microservices at a single glance.

Microservices Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Leverage distributed tracing capabilities to track calls across services

If your application is running in a microservices environment, you can use Applications Manager's distributed tracing capabilities to track calls made from one service to another across various platforms and languages. In the event of an error, you can quickly understand which service is impacted and collaborate with the respective team to fix it.

Microservices Monitoring Solutions - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track Istio performance

Keep an eye on the performance of your Istio service mesh. Since most microservice based applications use Istio to leverage its ability to handle a wide range of deployment needs for applications, monitoring Istio becomes an imperative part of holistic microservices monitoring.

With Applications Manager microservices monitoring system, get extensive details about Istio's pods, services, requests and processes. Correlate service level metrics to understand the performance of your microservice applications. Identify problematic components and troubleshoot instantly to prevent poor application performance.

Microservices Monitoring System - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get deep insights into microservices on the cloud

Get end-to-end visibility across public, private, and hybrid clouds in your infrastructure. Proactively monitor cloud microservices and correlate performance metrics to optimize application performance.

Microservices monitoring solutions like Applications Manager can be employed to give you overview of the health of all the associated microservice cloud instances, discover performance degradations, and visualize consolidated data in the form of graphs and custom dashboards.

Microservices Monitoring Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Supported AWS Services

Configure smart alerts and analyze performance trends to achieve operational efficiency

With Applications Manager, set ML based alerts to identify performance anomalies in your microservices architecture. Get alerted through SMS and email and proactively remediate actions to troubleshoot issues.

Analyze utilization and performance trends to improve operational efficiency of your microservice architectures. Correlate API and service related metric trends to effectively understand business impact.

Microservice Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Explore Microservices monitoring with Applications Manager

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