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Thread Dump Analyzer

Java Thread Dump Analyzer

Applications Manager's Java thread dump analyzer supports multiple JVM vendors such as Sun JVM, IBM JVM and Oracle JRockit JVM.

Thread Dump Analyzer - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Trigger thread dumps when there is an error

Occasionally, a Java runtime process may not respond well or may hang up for a long time until the JVM shuts down. Our JVM Monitoring tool acts as a thread dump analyzer by triggering thread dumps when a Java process does not respond. It gathers information related to the JVM and the application taken at specific points during execution.

Our Java thread dump analysis software allows you to view the entire thread dump with various attributes such as the Thread Name, State, Thread ID, User Time, trace, etc.

Java Thread Dump Analyzer Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Analyze thread dump to troubleshoot complex problems in production

Once you trigger thread dumps, you can further perform thread dump analysis with our Java thread dump analyser tool to discover the root cause of the performance degradation of your applications. You can quickly identify and analyze java thread dumps to isolate problems with:

  • Thread contentions
  • Deadlocks
  • CPU spikes
  • JVM crashes
  • Memory leaks
  • Memory freezes
  • Abnormally slow processing performance

By analyzing thread dumps, DevOps teams and Site Reliability Engineers will be able to optimize CPU, memory, and response time consumption.

Deep APM to identify code-level problems

If you want deeper insights into your complex Java applications, you can use our agent-based Java application monitoring feature as complementary to the Java runtime monitor. This provides you an overall idea about the web transactions executing within the application, quickly identify the slow or erroneous transactions, identify slow database calls, etc. You can drill down deeper into slow transactions by triggering a transaction trace and identify the exact line of code that could be slowing down the application.

Applications Manager's Java monitoring tool acts as an effective thread dump analyzer that helps you to monitor JVM performance and manage Java applications, by keeping an eye on the Java thread dump. Download now and set up the monitor in just a few minutes!

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