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SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificates are extensively used in e-commerce to confirm the identity of clients and servers. These certificates encrypt the data flowing to and from the website of the certificate holder. All SSL certificates contain an expiration date which most applications will check before using the contents of the certificate. ManageEngine Applications Manager monitors the expiration date of SSL certificates and notifies you before they expire.

Expired SSL certificates are not a good sign. Most web browsers show a warning message when they encounter an expired certificate, which can be confusing for the end user. The users might end up doubting the credibility of the website itself. Also, some applications might terminate connections abruptly when they encounter expired certificates, which again does not augur well for the credibility of the service. All of this can lead to loss of revenue and ultimately affect the brand value of the service.

Using ManageEngine Applications Manager's SSL Certificate Monitor, you can monitor the expiration dates of the SSL certificates of your website. Once you define thresholds for the expiration date, Applications Manager will notify you via email when it finds a certificate within the threshold range.

SSL Certificate Monitoring Overview

Applications Manager's SSL Certificate Monitoring can help you:

  • Increase user satisfaction with your website.
  • Seamlessly deliver web content to clients.
  • Automate the job of managing SSL certificates.

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