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ServiceDesk Integration

    Integrate with Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • A report by Enterprise Management Association states "60% of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations."

    With the rapid growth in technology, it is a huge challenge for firms to maintain the uptime of their business services,without having a good configuration management strategy. Configuration Management provides enterprises the opportunity to understand the impact of any change, or incident that may have a direct impact on the business. Therefore, it is imperative to know the underlying components of your IT environment and how they are connected.

  • Application Manager's Integration with ServiceDesk Plus

    ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based Service Desk and Asset Management software, offered by ManageEngine. The seamless integration of ServiceDesk Plus with Applications Manager provides a visual map of your entire IT infrastructure & applications, by populating all the IT components in the configuration management database (CMDB) and then creating dependencies amongst them.

    Track all the configuration items (CIs) in your IT infrastructure, map relationships and predict the impact of CIs on your business, if any modification is made.

  • Discover applications and map dependencies easily

    Applications manager automatically discovers your applications and maps the complex dependencies between the components. You can populate these objects and their dependencies in the CMDB of ServiceDesk Plus so that they become configuration items (CIs).

  • Eliminate guesswork and reduce the mean time to repair with improved root cause analysis

    Resolve performance issues faster by monitoring application performance in context to the supporting infrastructure. For instance, when a mail server is down, you can drill down to the interdependencies in its immediate environment (supporting app servers, databases, etc.) to isolate the root cause for troubleshooting.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager CMDB Root cause Analysis
  • Proactively manage issues, with ticket action

    Tickets can be raised via Applications Manager and the same will be reflected in the help desk module of ServiceDesk Plus. They can be generated dynamically, based on demand or can be created every time the selected attribute of an application crosses a threshold. Once the attribute crosses the threshold, you will be informed accordingly, and you can take measures to resolve the issue.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager CMDB  Log Ticket
  • Perform accurate impact analysis

    Know the impact of configuration changes and planned downtime by observing the relationship map. For instance, if the IT engineer has to take down a server that runs the CRM application. Knowing that doing so will impact the sales team (who use the CRM application to close orders), will help them schedule it during a weekend when there are no critical sales activity.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager CMDB Relationship Map