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Webpage Analyzer

Applications Manager's web page analyzer monitoring service enables you to perform web page analysis, keep track of your web pages and optimize web page performance using pagespeed rules and suggestions.

Ensure optimal performance of your webpages with Applications Manager's web page analysis tool

Applications Manager's Web Page Analyzer(WPA) tracks and provides insights into various key metrics to help you effectively manage your web pages. During each poll, Applications Manager loads the web page in the firefox browser in the cache-less state and captures real-time data of various performance metrics of the web page. WPA allows you to:

  • Detect slow performance by monitoring the page load time. If the page load time is high, you may need to identify components that are causing the page to load slowly.
  • Become aware of page score. A high page score invariably means that the page loads in good speed. If this value is low, you may want to analyze the cause of the slowdown.
  • Track response time summary. Monitoring the response time in webpages is an important aspect of webpage analysis that helps discover if they are loading and working efficiently. Response time of a webpage includes various other component metrics such as DNS Time, Connection Time, First Byte Time, Start Render, Document Complete, and Page Load Time. Monitoring these metrics can help identify various problems such as busy servers, overwhelming requests, and network issues.
Web Page Analyzer - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain insights about Domain

Each URL contains a domain name along with other segments that help find the particular page. Applications Manager's webpage analyzer tool monitors the following metrics with respect to the webpage domains:

  • Number of requests per domain: Every domain has a fixed limit on the number of requests it can receive. An increase in the number of requests can cause the page load time to increase and can cause the webpage to perform poorly. This can lead to decreased customer interaction and can also affect the brand reputation.
  • Size: It gives insights about the number of bytes transferred for every domain.
  • Average response time in milliseconds: This is the average response time of all requests that are received by all the domains of the URL. An increase in this value can cause the page to load slowly.
  • Average Throughput: This is a critical metric in webpage analysis. A higher value of throughput indicates better functioning of the webpage.
Web Page Analyzer Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Identify which components slow down the web page

With Applications Manager's Web Page Analyzer, track the number of requests that your web page processes. Discover the load that your web page is handling and get insights about the status of all the requests. Identify slow loading components with the help of a waterfall chart and optimize to improve page load time. Using APM's web page analysis tool, become aware of increasing page size and remove unnecessary components to optimize web page performance.

Web Page Analysis - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Discover optimization opportunities with PageSpeed Insights

Use webpage analyzer tool to get real-time PageSpeed Insight data that helps you analyze the performance of the page and improve end-user experience.

  • Analyze the web page's performance by evaluating it against a set of page rules.
  • Get PageSpeed score for the entire web page and for individual components of the webpage along with its corresponding grades. The grades can vary from A - D. The score can vary between 1-100 where 100 is considered a perfect score, a score of 90 or above is considered good, a score between 50 to 90 indicates that the page needs improvement, and a score below 50 indicates that the page is poor.
  • For scores below 100, get suggestions to improve and optimize the page performance.
Web Page Performance Analyzer - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep track of your SSL certificate

With APM's webpage analyzer, track the validity of your SSL certificate and get notified before certificate expiry. Manage your SSL certificates, ensure coherent delivery of web content to clients and enhance the security of your webpage and prevent it from becoming vulnerable to attacks.

The web page analyzer tool lets you obtain information about the organization for which the certificate is issued and the Certification Authority of your domain.

Webpage Analyzer - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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