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IBM HTTP Server Monitoring

Proactively monitor and address performance issues before they become critical

With Applications Manager's IBM HTTP server monitoring, you can get an overview of your IBM server's usage at a single glance. Get to know if the server is up along with the server uptime history. You can also quickly know the response time of the server. You can check the Total Accesses metric to know the number of requests or connections that were made to the server since it was last started or restarted to understand the overall server load.

IBM HTTP Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track server requests

Monitor IBM HTTP server to get details on request rate and bytes transfer details. These metrics give you a measure of the amount of resources being utilized. The RequestsPerMinute metric gives you an idea of how quickly the server can handle the requests and transfer the data to the users. Setting thresholds and configuring alarms on these metrics can help you instantly identify when the requests are taking too long to process thereby preventing bad user experiences.

IBM HTTP Server Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor server utilization

With Applications Manager's IBM HTTP server monitoring capabilities, gain insight into how efficiently the server is being utilized. Track the following KPIs:

  • Busy servers: This metric indicates the number of server processes or threads that are currently in use and actively handling incoming requests. If this value is increasing consistently and is approaching the Total servers count, it might be a sign that the server is being overloaded and that it is unable to handle the incoming requests. This might occasionally even result in slow response times or even lead to server crashes.
  • Idle servers: This metric refers to the number of server processes or threads that are currently available but not being used to serve requests. A high number of idle servers can be an indication for you to scale down your resources.
IBM HTTP Server Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get to know your server configuration details

The configuration details of the server are available at your disposal under the Configuration tab. Get to know the server build date along with the relevant OS details.

Monitor IBM HTTP Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitoring IBM HTTP server using Applications Manager is a sure shot way to ensure optimal performance as it helps you to regularly review and update your server's configuration settings.

Respond rapidly to issues with AI-powered smart alerts

Pinpoint the root cause of issues, reduce the time spent on troubleshooting, and enable faster incident resolution with the help of Applications Manager's AI-powered smart alerts. These alerts help IT teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and address issues before they escalate into bigger problems.

  • Get notified in the medium of your choice - email, SMS, or Slack messages.
  • Automate tasks using web hooks to start external actions or even integrate with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow or ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

Start IBM HTTP server monitoring within a few minutes!

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