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About Hudbay Minerals

  • Hudbay Minerals Inc. is a Canadian mining company that is primarily involved in producing copper and gold with mineral by-products. The company's involvement in the exploration, development, and mining of long-life, mineral-rich properties has contributed to its flourishing growth over the past 90 years.
  • Hudbay ranks among the best operators of reliable and low-cost mines in the Americas. A journey that began in the Flin Flon region of Canada in the early 1900s has now seen Hudbay expand its operations to Peru and the United States.






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monitoring to anticipate and prevent issues before they affect end users



improvement in mean time to repair (MTTR)



hours saved per month by automating repetitive tasks

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"The applications we use are directly a part of our production process, making them highly critical. It was impossible to know of failing database backup jobs, as they would go unnoticed until the server was reviewed."

— Shawn Toman, Infrastructure specialist, Hudbay Minerals Inc.

Business challenge

Hudbay's rapid growth and development in the low-cost mining operation industry has propelled the company towards expanding its mining operations, bringing it a step closer towards becoming a top-tier operator of low-cost, long-life mines in the Americas. However, as its mining operations expanded, Hudbay required a powerful IT ecosystem to streamline and manage the metal production process. Extracting high-value minerals demanded a level of precision, and events such as downtime or lag would negatively impact the overall efficiency of the production process and potentially burn a large hole in its IT budget.

In an IT infrastructure where multiple components such as web applications, servers, databases, cloud, containers, and other services were involved, Hudbay initially relied on its employees to manually track the resources within the IT network and identify issues themselves. But this approach left the IT team in the dark, as certain issues could only be identified once the end-users were affected and could report it back to them. Another crucial hurdle was the lack of visibility into outages or slowdowns, which left them indefinitely unaware of minor anomalies that could escalate into large-scale problems.

How ManageEngine Applications Manager came to the rescue

Hudbay's constant growth only led to a more complex IT infrastructure where a lack of visibility into the system proved to be a roadblock toward scalability. It was then that Hudbay took to the internet in search of a monitoring solution. Applications Manager stood out amongst the competition, catching the attention of the IT team. Through careful evaluation, they found that Applications Manager had all the right capabilities that would address Hudbay's existing issues.

When Hudbday came to ManageEngine with its problems, the ManageEngine solutions team provided guidance with setting up the product and integrating all the required monitoring features within a single dashboard console for quick troubleshooting. Applications Manager offered in-built server and database monitoring capabilities that made it easier for Hudbay's team to address its primary issues on the go. They managed to set up automatic alerts that raised an alarm whenever a performance anomaly was detected. This removed the tedious amount of work required to manually check through the application infrastructure, while also helping save time and resources.

"We were greatly impressed by Applications Manager's capability to monitor a wide spectrum of applications, as it was also compatible with multiple platforms."

— Shawn Toman, Infrastructure specialist, Hudbay Minerals Inc.

With Applications Manager's SQL monitoring, not only was Hudbay able to view critical database job failures, but also get in-depth performance metric data that aided in isolating and troubleshooting critical issues. Admins were constantly made aware of job schedules that were skipped by agents with Applications Manager's smart alerting capability, without having to move a finger.

Hudbay was also reliant on Applications Manager's SAP monitoring to constantly track the operational behavior of its servers and applications that were part of the SAP enterprise. Additionally, Hudbay utilized Applications Manager's website monitoring features to address site visibility concerns, ensuring uninterrupted availability of its applications for end users. By leveraging Applications Manager's customizable dashboards, the IT team at Hudbay was able to quickly resolve downtime and disruptions.

"Until Applications Manager came, the monitoring process was done on a case-by-case basis, and only after an issue came up. Applications Manager had the ability to be more proactive, rather than reactive."

— Shawn Toman, Infrastructure specialist, Hudbay Minerals Inc.

Key benefits


Once familiar with their way around Applications Manager, Hudbay's IT administrative team found the tool very convenient, as they had uninterrupted access to features like capacity planning, resource growth forecasting, resource management, code-level insights, end-user experience monitoring, automatic discovery, dependency mapping, and much more.

Round-the-clock monitoring

Compared to the manual approach to managing performance issues, Hudbay is now able to track business-critical performance metrics 24/7 and receive alerts proactively. This has allowed the mining company to ensure production application users do not face disruptions and can go about with their work at maximum efficiency.

Data-driven visibility

It is common for application monitoring tools to bombard users with an abundance of performance metric data that could be overwhelming and confusing at times. Applications Manager goes the extra mile by portraying critical metrics in the form of visual graphs, maps, tables, and pie charts. This made it easier for the IT team at Hudbay to close down the visibility gap and enable faster performance troubleshooting.

"Thanks to Applications Manager, our MTTR has improved by over 99% while also helping us save around 50 hours a month by automating several repetitive tasks. The monitoring tool has helped us ensure that our systems are always operating at maximum availability, performance, and system stability."

— Shawn Toman, infrastructure specialist, Hudbay Minerals

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