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This section comprises articles that provide Desktop Management solutions for common issues you might face while using Desktop Central. Send us an e-mail message with the required log files, if you have any unresolved issues. Our support team will contact you shortly and help you resolve the issues.

Patch Management
  1. Manual patch scanning fails. Error messages:
    1. The network path was not found
    2. Unknown username or password
    3. No network provider accepted the given network path
    4. Not enough server storage space is available to process this command
    5. The storage control block address is invalid
    6. Scanning Timed Out
  2. Patch configuration fails. Error messages:
    1. Draft Download Failed
    2. Problem while downloading the patch from the server
    3. Incorrect Function or Unknown Error Code: 2359302 or Access Denied
    4. The wait operation timed out
    5. Fatal error during installation
    6. %1 is not a valid WIN 32 application or The data is invalid or Data of this type is not supported
    7. Unknown Error: 2145124329
    8. Office Update Error
    9. Patch Installation Failure -windows update service disabled Error: 1058
  3. Patch database update fails. Error messages:
    1. Update of latest patch information failed: Stream closed
    2. Unable to establish direct connection
    3. Bug in authorization handling: Server refused the given information 10 times
  4. Service Pack installation fails. Error message: Unknown Error Code-536870921
  5. Scheduled patch scanning fails
  6. No patches are listed in the Applicable and Missing Patches section
  7. Automatic patch download or download and draft creation or download and deploy patches function not started. Message: Not Started
  8. Problem while changing the patch-store directory. Error message: Invalid patch-store location
  9. Patch installation fails. Error message: Fails with an unknown error code 1073741502
  10. Cannot install Java and Adobe Flash Player updates
  11. Scheduled automatic patch deployment. Status message on the screen: No Missing Patches Found
  12. Patch Download Fails
    1. Patch download failure with Error 403
    2. Patch download failure Error-407
    3. Patch download failure Error Connection Time Out
    4. Patch download Checksum failure
    5. Patch download failed Access Denied
  13. Problem in generating patch scan data