Monitor your entire storage infrastructure effectively

OpStor Plug-in helps you monitor your Storage Area Network (SAN)  and the individual storage devices like Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, Tape Drives, Host servers and Host Bus Adapters cards from all leading vendors in the industry. It provides a unified view of storage environment along with effective reporting which in-turn increases visibility and reduces the time taken to detect any faults.

Integration with OpManager

OpStor Plug-in integrates with OpManager to provide a single pane of glass view for your entire storage infrastructure. With the support for more than a 100 different storage devices, OpStor Plug-in completes the storage monitoring needs of your data center. OpStor also provides various reports on capacity & device performance that can help you to gain deep understanding of your capacity needs, analyze and fix any storage related issues instantly.

Major Highlights:

Asset Management

OpStor Plugin

Get detailed device and its component's info from a single page. Admins can view complete info on storage pools, disks, LUNs, RAID group, RAID controller and location. All these metrics when accessed from a single location will help the admin to get a comprehensive overview of the storage array. The device page provides:

  • Details on device location, vendor details, capacity utilization info and storage group info.
  • Comprehensive physical and logical asset details of RAIDs like RAID controller, RAID group, Disks and LUN info.
  • Device level problem report filing and maintenance
  • Up-to-date device summary

Monitor every array stat with OpStor

OpStor Plugin

Monitor array statistics like IOPS,Reads and Writes and Cache configuration. These metrics help in evaluating the performance of your storage devices. With OpStor plugin gain insights on performance of your storage devices which is critical while evaluating application slowdowns.

Alarm Summary

OpStor Plugin

Custom thresholds can be set on various performance metrics of devices. On meeting the thresholds set, the alerts generated can be viewed on a single console thus helping the admin to glance through the most recent and critical events. OpStor plugin helps save precious time and prompts the admin to take corrective action.

Devices Supported

Do not compromise on benefits of a single storage monitoring tool just because it doesn't support your device. The OpStor add-on lets you monitor more than a 100 different storage devices ranging from fabric switches and RAIDs to HBAs and tape libraries from several vendors. Also, check out the performance parameters that are monitored for each of the devices.

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