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File System Monitoring

Files & Directories

File System Monitoring
  • Do you want to monitor your log files; be alarmed if any exception is thrown in the log files?
  • Do you want to track the directory size; be informed when the size crosses a threshold?
  • Do you want to notify when the File is not changed within particular time interval?

Applications Manager uses File System Monitoring capability to monitor the changes in the selected files and directories.

You can configure thresholds on various attributes. The instant alarms and notifications help you in taking quick corrective actions though e-mail, SMS, traps and executing custom scripts & MBean Operations.

The various attributes that are monitored:

Files Directory
  • File Size
  • File Size Changed
  • Content - can give multiple strings and check for their occurance
  • Last Modified time
  • Directory Size
  • Directory Size Changed

We are using ManageEngine® Applications Manager to monitor server health and availability along with database health. The alarm systems warn us ahead if the health is on its way to becoming critical. The reports help us observe the trend over a period of time. This program has helped us a lot by keeping a check on all of our systems at an affordable cost.

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Network Admin
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