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Monitor SNMP devices and applications

Enterprise networks are heterogeneous. In addition to multi-tiered applications, a critical part of the infrastructure consists of network devices and other applications that are vendor specific. However, these devices normally have a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent (interface) and this facilitates SNMP monitoring.

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an SNMP Monitoring tool that supports monitoring of SNMP devices. It can monitor SNMP V1, V2c and V3 enabled agents in an SNMP enabled application. You can load custom MIBs and receive SNMP traps from applications and devices on your network.

SNMP Monitoring Tool

Applications Manager supports SNMP monitoring and allows administrators to monitor additional applications and devices. A user has to only load a MIB file, and select the SNMP OIDs that need to be monitored. Default dashboards and graphical views are created. You can also enable SNMP reporting for the selected OIDs.

SNMP Monitoring and SNMP Management

You can configure alarms and set thresholds in order to get notified when a problem occurs with our SNMP Manager. The instant alarms and notifications help you take quick corrective actions through e-mail, SMS, traps and executing custom scripts & MBean Operations.

SNMP Trap Listener

ManageEngine Applications Manager's SNMP Monitoring Solutions also supports being an SNMP trap listener. There is support for SNMP Traps and SNMP Informs. With this, you can consolidate all events in the network and make Applications Manager a central Event Console.

SNMP Trap Receiver and SNMP Trap Listener

Applications Manager's SNMP Manager tool capabilities includes:

  • Collecting data from any SNMP resource
  • Reporting and configuring thresholds on any SNMP object (OID) data collected
  • Support for SNMP table and SNMP scalars objects
  • Send SNMP Traps
  • Process SNMP Traps

Get started with SNMP monitoring solutions and download ManageEngine Applications Manager now or learn more about other Application Monitoring capabilities.

For information on other options in monitoring custom applications, refer to FAQ.

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