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Big Data Monitoring

The enormous growth in the volume of data shared and exchanged each day on the web has become unimaginable. Organizations are slowly pushing towards a low cost and low complexity big data environment planning ahead for the future.

Quite often, analysing this chaotic data could reveal something of business value and help admins in better understanding and implementing new business strategies. The complexities associated with handling big data has brought programming frameworks like Hadoop and Apache Spark to the fore because of their strong ability to effectively handle big data.

Monitor performance of your Hadoop clusters

While Hadoop and Spark maintain a stronghold in the big data space, it is obvious that they are powered by a NoSQL database to handle big data. IT admins thus, are often on the lookout for a convenient monitoring tool to make sure that their Hadoop or Spark environments are always up and running, and their underlying NoSQL servers are delivering maximum performance because clearly, in the big data space, any small outage can significantly impact services and result in revenue loss. With Applications Manager keeping a constant watch over your big data technologies, do not worry about big data anymore!

Keep your NoSQL databases powered and ensure your big data set-ups are always at their best.

Ensure optimal health of your NoSQL technologies

Supported NoSQL Technologies

  • Hadoop
  • Spark

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