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Ping Monitoring

Ping Monitoring

Keep an eye on your host's availability and connection quality

Test if a specific host/IP address is reachable - both on your local network and a device on the internet. Applications Manager's ping monitor notifies you of availability issues as soon as they appear.

Detect server, website or device outages

The ping monitor helps you check if a host is up and running. The host can be a server, website or a network device. You will be able to identify hosts that are unavailable and rectify issues before they overwhelm the application's performance.

Detect connection quality problems in real time

Get notified when the connection quality deteriorates

The process of ping involves interacting with the host by sending packets.The host receives these packets and sends a response back to Applications Manager indicating that the host is available.

Applications Manager's ping monitor documents the following data during the process of pinging:

  • Packet Loss (%): Packet loss gives the percentage of packets that fail to reach the destination.
  • Packets Sent: No. of Packets sent.
  • Packets Received: No. of Packets received.

A higher value of Packet loss% indicates a problem in the network such as a connection quality problem. Setting a threshold value and associating an alarm with it can help isolate and rectify network lag issues.

Ping Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Identify network latency

Applications Manager's ping monitoring software calculates the round trip time (RTT) for each packet exchange. When a ping happens, a timestamp is placed in each packet and that is echoed back and used to compute how much time it took for each packet to exchange. A high value of round trip time could indicate a slow network connection, network congestion, more number of network hops or higher server response time. You may then look at using content delivery networks (CDNs) and caching website assets on global edge servers (POPs) to reduce the RTT.

Ping Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ping from multiple geographical locations

You can configure a ping monitor as part of our End User Monitoring capabilities and test a website from multiple geographical locations such as branch offices or customer locations. This can help you detect whether downtimes and latency are at the main website or localized in one of your branch offices or delivery networks. When ping monitors from multiple locations go down simultaneously, it could indicate a serious access problem.

Analyze raw ping data

Applications Manager's ping monitoring system stores ping data during every poll. You can picture all pings for a selected time period on a graph to see how they have evolved. You can also export the ping data into a csv file for further analysis.

Flexible and smart alerts

It's common for an occasional ping response packet to get lost on a busy network. Applications Manager's ping monitoring service takes this into account, and provides you the option of sending alerts only after two or more ping responses have not been received. You can customize this setting as per your requirement.

Also, Applications Manager's server ping monitor can notify you through a variety of ways such as email, SMS, Slack messages, etc.

Pre-built reports

You can create PDF and HTML reports including detailed statistics for selected hosts. The generated reports can be saved as files or sent by e-mail. You can create reports on demand and on schedule.

Other services that can be monitored using Applications Manager are:

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