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Dameng database monitoring

Ensure optimal performance of Dameng databases

With Applications Manager's Dameng database monitoring tool, you can:

Get an overview of your database health and efficiency at a single glance

Monitor Dameng Database Overview

Analyze your database connection time over a specified period to determine if users can connect to the database without any delays. Monitoring Dameng database plays a major role in getting information on the number of active sessions to help you assess the workloads that running on the system.

Dameng Database Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor database transactions

With Applications Manager's Dameng database monitoring software, actively track the transactions in your Dameng database. Track various transaction related KPIs to gain insights into the volume of new data being added, as well as the frequency of data modifications and deletions. Additionally, ensure database integrity by monitoring Rollback flags.

Dameng Database Transactions

For a visual representation, easily view the Top 5 transactions based on Update/Insert/Delete Query count graphically!

Dameng Database Graph

Keep track of tablespaces and sessions

Monitor Dameng database tablespaces along with their type, status, etc. Keeping an eye on these metrics with Dameng database monitoring can help you track the availability and accessibility of tablespaces, ensure sufficient storage capacity to accommodate data growth, and track space utilization within the tablespaces to identify potential space constraints.

Dameng Database Tablespace

Applications Manager's Dameng DB monitor also collects session related KPIs. It allows you to closely monitor the queries being executed in each session, helping you identify and unravel inefficient query patterns. By analyzing session activity patterns, you can easily pinpoint long-running or idle sessions. With our ability to perform Dameng database monitoring, you can also track the DDL auto status to ensure the proper management of database schema changes and prevent unintended or incomplete alterations.

Dameng Database Sessions

Gain insights into thread and bufferpool metrics

Monitor the thread ID and name, along with their start time and description, to effectively track and manage concurrent threads. This allows for proper synchronization and resource sharing among threads, ensuring smooth interactions and optimal performance.

Dameng Database Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Dameng Database Buffer Pool

In addition, our Dameng database monitor has the ability to track bufferpool details. By monitoring these metrics, you can easily identify areas with high disk I/O, optimize memory allocation, and evaluate the effectiveness of read-ahead mechanisms. This allows you to adjust configuration parameters, optimize data retrieval, and reduce I/O latency.

Dameng Database Buffer Stats

AI-powered alerts and comprehensive reports

With Applications Manager's AI-powered alerts, you will receive instant notifications when your Dameng database has performance issues. You can receive these alerts in the medium of your choice (email, SMS, Slack message, etc.). Applications Manager also helps you automate common corrective actions, such as running healing scripts for example, to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and resolve problems faster.

You can also infuse Applications Manager's reporting capabilities into its Dameng database monitoring feature to understand resource usage and plan future capacities effectively!

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