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Fault Management with Root Cause Analysis

Fault management, in Applications Manager enables you to gain end to end visibility in your applications so that you can quickly troubleshoot identified problems.

"Applications Manager enables us to act very quickly to fix performance problems and our end users don't even notice any changes" - Vadim Rapoport, Techi Comptg Advr, DBA Sempra Utilities

Create monitor groups with ease

For pooling the resources of a location or a business application, you can create a new monitor group by grouping all associated infrastucture ( Databases, app servers etc). This way you can easily map the performance/availability dependency of each component on a business application or a location as whole.

Fault Management - Detect, Notify, and Correct Problems

Detect, isolate and solve issues quickly

Using root cause analysis you can detect anomalies and isolate possible problems by understanding their dependency to troubleshoot faster. With APM Insight, you can gain real-time visibility into an application code or an SQL query to easily identify transaction bottlenecks and performance hiccups.

Get instant notifications with various actions

Proactive monitoring with anomaly detection

You can monitor the gradual performance degradation by defining anomaly profiles on performance metrics. Using this, you can define rules and compare present data with the earlier best recorded one. Anomaly profiles can be created based on baseline values and custom expressions.

Proactive monitoring with anomaly detection

Get instant notifications with various actions

An alarm generated in the system is assigned a severity and is notified appropriately. When an error is detected, it can be notified immediately by configuring an action. Applications Manager supports the following actions:

  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Execute custom scripts
  • Execute MBean Operation
  • Send SNMP Traps to third-party consoles.
  • Logging a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Java Action
  • Virtual Machine Action
  • Amazon EC2 Instance Action
  • Windows Services Action
Detect, Isolate and Solve issues quickly.

Also, JMX Notifications and SNMP Traps can be received in Applications Manager and they can trigger the actions configured.

Obtain exhaustive reports to prevent future outages

Plan the infrastructure capacity for peak hours with insights into historical data or by using synthetic transaction monitoring. These extensive reports depict the availability, health and response time of an application over a specified period of time.

Obtain exhaustive reports to do accurate capacity planning

Monitor your critical apps from mobile using the Android or iPhone app

Applications Manager's iPhone App and Android App allows you to track critical applications, perform actions, receive alerts and identify issues on your smartphones. With on-the-go monitoring you can reduce the time for resolution of a fault occurring in your system, thereby increasing the overall availability of your business services.

Monitor your critical apps from mobile using the Android or iPhone app

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