Enterprise Edition

ManageEngine® Applications Manager Enterprise Edition provides an affordable, scalable solution for medium and large enterprises to monitor their resources. Enterprise Edition supports distributed architecture and monitors over a thousand servers, applications and databases.

Key Features

Enterprise Edition comes with all the features offered by Professional Edition. However, Enterprise Edition's ability to scale for larger number of monitors, provide consolidated view from various restricted networks and performance comparisons and Fail Over Support are some of its key abilities. Enterprise Edition comprises of distributed data collectors (Managed Servers) setup. It also provides a Single Console (Admin Server) for consolidated reports, monitoring of alarms. The Admin Server facilitates a single view to all data and reports from the various distributed data collectors (Managed Servers).

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition uses HTTPS as the mode of communication between the Admin Server and the Managed Server. This has an added advantage for users with a very secure environment where only HTTPS is allowed across different networks. With Enterprise Edition, you can have a single view to monitoring data across these kind of high security networks by having the Managed Server in each of the secure networks and having the Admin Server facilitate a single view to all monitoring information.

Technical Benefits:

1. Scalability

Enterprise Edition gives the ability to scale for a large network consisting of thousands of servers.

2. Consolidated View from various restricted networks

Enterprise Edition provides a consolidated view of resources present in different restricted networks. Restricted Networks are configured as Managed Servers and Admin Server facilitates a consolidated view of the performance metrics.

3. Performance comparisons from Geographically different locations

You can use Enterprise Edition of Applications Manager to compare the performance of applications from different geographical locations. For eg., You can monitor and do a comparison analysis of the response time of an E-Commerce portal when accessed from UK, Singapore and USA.

Check out the blog which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to configure Applications Manager for monitoring the response time across multiple locations. See the comparison chart between different editions.

Note: Get details on how to set up, when to set up Enterprise Edition from the Enterprise Edition FAQ