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BizTalk Server Monitor

    BizTalk Server monitoring

  • Microsoft BizTalk server enables companies to efficiently integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents (eg: purchase orders and invoices) between myriad applications, either within or outside an organization. With Applications Manager, you can get a complete picture of the BizTalk architecture and get to know more about the performance, health and other critical parameters which helps in ensuring BizTalk's efficiency in terms of business process integration

  • Ensure fast delivery of messages

    Proactively detect a possible delay in relaying messages or any unusual case of system load in case of message delivery throttling. Also, determine the optimal utilization of resources by monitoring the metrics involved in host throttling.

  • Allocate available resources for high performance

    Avoid a slowdown in performance and optimize capacity planning by monitoring the availability of resources like memory, threads, etc. to ensure better performance.

  • Detect any slowdown in process by capturing orchestrations

    Applications Manager provides details on the states of orchestrations, that have been deployed in various business applications. It could be in started, bound, unbound or stopped state. Determine the number of messages that are in the queue, to determine if optimal message processing is taking place, by checking the orchestration dehydration and rehydration count.

    Application Monitoring
  • Overcome any form of message server bottlenecks

    In larger IT infrastructures, there might be multiple message boxes and as the load increases, there are chances of bottlenecks, which lead to a delay in messaging. Monitor suspended message length and host queue length, to ascertain if a messaging host has become unavailable or if there is any failure in the message pipeline. Use the message box metrics to determine the message instances that your IT setup can handle and ascertain chances of any possible delay in relaying messages.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager BizTalk Message Box
  • Determine efficient transfer of messages in and out of the server

    Adapters generally help in sending messages out of or receiving messages into BizTalk server with a delivery mechanism based on standards. View details of metrics like bytes received/delivered, memory size, etc. which aid in capacity planning based on usage to achieve high performance .

    ManageEngine Applications Manager BizTalk Adapters

What our customers say

Dec 15, 2021
All in one monitoring solution!!

The tool offers complete and unified visibility into our environment and helps us identify and resolve potential performance issues quickly.

- CloudOps Manager
Industry:TelecommunicationCompany Size: 30B+ USD

KFin Technologies reduces MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Industry: Financial services

KFintech, a financial services industry, having access to a surplus amount of data, was pertinent for to ensure that the performance of its databases was on point. With Applications Manager, KFintech was able to gain end-to-end insight into essential transactions, identify slow-performing queries, eliminate recurring performance issues, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

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