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Web Application Performance Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

Distributed browser-based applications have become the norm for businesses of all sizes. These applications are ephemeral and often have complex architectures. As a result, the performance problems in these applications can be difficult to spot and fix. Since most of these applications are business critical and attract high traffic, it is important to effectively monitor, pinpoint and resolve application performance issues before they affect revenue. Web app performance monitoring solutions have to be forged in such a way that they can overcome the hurdles of higher traffic and also provide proactive real-time monitoring and intelligent alerting capabilities.

Applications Manager's web application server monitoring tool offers application developers and DevOps engineers visibility into application performance and helps them troubleshoot issues before it affects the end users.

We support applications built on:

Monitor web application performance metrics

The web application performance monitoring tools offered by Applications Manager provide extensive details on various metrics such as memory, throughput, errors, response times, and more. You can see what's happening inside your applications—the transactions that are getting executed, database operations, traces, and exceptions.

Web Applications Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Web App Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep an eye on the Database operations.

Our web application monitoring agent lays out extensive information about the database and its underlying operations. Discover queries consuming more time and tend to it with the help of details like average, minimum, maximum, and total response times for all DB queries. In addition to monitoring web application, you can understand the number of times a query is invoked along with the throughput and error stats.

Web Application Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Drill down to the line of code causing an error

Get exhaustive details about the transactions being executed in your application. Optimize response times with Applications Manager's web application monitoring agent which helps you detect and diagnose various elements behind slow transactions. Furthermore, you can also follow the traces of your transactions down to the line of code that causes an error. These traces chart the sequence of the internal and external invocations (methods) of the URL. You can identify the SQL queries executed during the transaction and hence detect the worst performing database queries, allowing you to quickly fix problems.

Monitoring Web Applications  - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Leverage distributed tracing for modern applications

ln a microservices environment where there are dozens of services calling one another, it is difficult to understand what's going on inside your application and debug problems that occur in production. With Applications Manager's distributed tracing capabilities, you can track calls made from one application to another across various platforms and languages. If an error occurs, you can easily understand which service is impacted and raise it to correct team to fix it. You can improve time to market by deploying or updating new services and immediately visualizing the impact on the product. It also helps you improve developer productivity and output by reducing debugging and diagnostic time. We currently support distributed tracing for Java, .NET and Node.js applications.

Monitoring Web Applications  - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Identify performance bottlenecks using Thread Profiling

Diagnose complex problems in production with the help of thread profiling. With Applications Manager's thread profiling capabilities,you can spot high CPU consuming threads, along with its thread ID, CPU time and memory allocated details, as well as the invocation count of every method. This helps you identify and isolate time-consuming methods that are likely to affect the application's performance. You can diagnose the root cause of CPU spikes without taking thread dumps and analyzing enormous amounts of raw data.

Web Applications Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Web App Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Capture errors and exceptions.

Exceptions are undesirable events that occur during program execution that disrupts the flow of the program. One of the keys to solid application performance is good error and exception handling. Manage your exceptions efficiently with Applications Manager's web application monitor which gives you vast information about the errors and exceptions thrown by the application.

Web App Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Measure end user satisfaction.

Applications Manager's web application monitoring solution helps IT admins gauge their application users' satisfaction with the help of Apdex scores. It doesn't take a data engineer to make sense of what these values mean to businesses. The data collected is over a period of time and converted into a simple index, based on the application responsiveness.

Streamline troubleshooting efforts

Save precious time by quickly identifying critical debug data without performance overhead. Avoid looking through log files and reduce time to resolve issues.

Improve DevOps practices

See the effect of every change in your environment, improve the quality of the product, and expedite release cycles. Anticipate user needs and optimize your applications accordingly.


Applications Manager not only provides real time web application monitoring capabilities, but also offers its services for over 130 technologies and applications. To experience Applications Manager in action, take a free trial now.

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