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FTP Monitoring Software

FTP Monitoring

ManageEngine Applications Manager's FTP monitoring provides an array of features which keeps track of service availability and performance of your FTP/SFTP services. This allows you to instantly detect performance issues and take corrective action before it affects customer end-user performance, and ensure that the critical FTP/SFTP services are up and running at all times.

Get deep visibility into FTP KPIs with FTP Monitoring Tool

Applications Manager's FTP monitoring tool provides technical acuity into the performance of your service protocols in the form of graphs and reports for easy comprehension. Our FTP monitor tracks:

  • Connection Time
  • Login Time
  • File Transfer Rate
  • Server Upload/Download Time
  • File and Directory Changes

Quickly monitor FTP health and availability

Applications Manager's SFTP monitoring software makes it easier to glance through the overall health and availability of your FTP/SFTP services within a single dashboard panel. This comes in handy when monitoring multiple protocols.

FTP Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
FTP Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
FTP Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get FTP downtime alerts

FTP management can never be complete without a proper alerting system in place. With Applications Manager's FTP monitoring software, monitor FTP services by configuring an alarm that will go off whenever a performance metric breaches the threshold. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or even made to trigger an action.

SFTP Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

In addition, technicians can be assigned to each FTP alarm message for error troubleshooting. If left unattended, the FTP monitor will escalate the alarm until the issue is addressed.

Perform in-depth analysis using reports

Avail reports on FTP and SFTP server performance over a given period of time to understand its efficiency, analyze the areas that need optimizing, and make the necessary improvements. Our report provides historical data on MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), downtime, uptime, unmanaged and maintenance statistics which are crucial elements to track when you monitor FTP server.

Monitor SFTP - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Go beyond with SFTP Monitoring

Applications Manager also supports SFTP monitoring where you can monitor SSH files and the time it takes to connect and login. SFTP traffic can also be monitored with the aid of performance parameters such as file transfer rate, upload, and download transaction rates.

Experience FTP server Monitoring With Applications Manager

  • Agentless monitoring which is easy to configure
  • Graphs, reports, and charts for FTP server performance analysis
  • Vigilant alerting system
  • One-stop solution for all your other application, server, cloud, database, hardware, website, and service monitoring needs. Support for over 150 technologies
FTP Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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