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Apache ActiveMQ Monitoring

  • Apache ActiveMQ is a message broker service that supports a full Java Messaging Service (JMS) client. It allows communication between multiple clients and servers with features such as computer clustering, shared file systems and high availability. However, quite often, IT admins find it difficult to monitor or control the minute details of their ActiveMQ servers due to the complex processes associated with it.

    Applications Manager helps admins monitor these servers effortlessly by ensuring the servers are up and running all the time and by sending timely alerts in case of outages.

  • Memory Utilization Details

    Memory planning is an important aspect when it comes to ensuring maximum server performance. Improper memory usage could severely impact the operations of your servers thereby contributing to revenue loss. Applications Manager monitors the memory usage of servers and helps you understand the distribution of memory in the form of elaborate graphs. Get everything from free and utilized memory details to heap and non-heap memory details, instantly.

    ActiveMQ Memory Utilization Details
  • Topic and Queue Details

    It is understood that given the number of topics that could be used in an ActiveMQ server, monitoring every single one could be a challenge. Analyse topic details including memory consumed by each topic, average message size, blocked sends, health of each topic etc. and make informed decisions. You can also view the topic count details alongside that helps in understanding the number topics dispatched, consumed, in flight or expired and plan your actions accordingly.

    Queues constitute a very integral part of communication within servers. Monitoring the activities of queues can help save time as well as a great deal of memory. Often, improper monitoring of queues results in loss of messages. With the queue details such as memory usage, average message size, average enqueue time etc, make the most of your queues and ensure uninterrupted flow of messages.

    Application Monitoring
    • ActiveMQ Topic Details
    • ActiveMQ Queue Details
  • Subscriber Details

    The mechanism of ActiveMQ allows only subscribers specified to a given topic to receive their respective messages from them. It is important to ensure that subscribers receive messages in time and there are no bottlenecks preventing the flow of information. With key details such as the number of messages yet to be received, messages awaiting acknowledgement, pending queue size etc, the flow of information can be monitored and regulated.

    ActiveMQ Subscriber Details
  • Configuring Alarms

    It is important to stay prepared to tackle unexpected outages. By configuring alarms, you can rest assured that any unplanned downtime is immediately brought to your knowledge and adequate counter measures are immediately in place. Configure alarms for topics, queues and subscribers and tackle every issue before it starts bugging your end users.

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