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Database Performance Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Get deep insights into database health and performance and optimize efficiency of applications

Get real-time KPI data of your databases with Applications Manager's easy-to-use, affordable database monitoring solution. Find and fix database issues quickly and enhance the performance of your business-critical applications. Applications Manager's database monitoring lets you identify slow-running queries and analyze the root cause behind the performance lags. Reliability engineers can optimize accordingly to ensure smooth operation of databases.

Multi-vendor support for database performance monitoring

Monitor a wide range of databases (on premises, virtualized or cloud) from a single console with Applications Manager's database monitor.

  • Relational
  • NoSQL
  • In-memory
  • Key-value
  • Cloud

Relational databases

NoSQL databases

In-memory databases

Key-value Stores

Monitor database metrics that are critical to your business

Applications Manager's database monitor provides in-depth insights into key performance indicators, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. Critical database monitoring metrics such as ones related to resource consumption, user sessions, and query performance are essential for business operations and offer opportunities to optimize databases for peak efficiency. Visualize performance data effortlessly on custom database monitoring dashboards, keeping administrators informed about their database's status at all times. This comprehensive solution guarantees optimal database performance for seamless operations.

Database Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Database Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
MSSQL Database Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Oracle Database Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Analyze & identify slow-running queries

Deep dive into how efficient your database response is for individual web transactions. Monitor database response times to execute background transactions in your applications, ones that are spawned in background threads. With Applications Manager's database activity monitoring software, pinpoint slow running SQL queries that hinder optimal application performance. Optimize these queries to enhance and accelerate database performance.

Database Performance Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Database Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Pinpoint root cause of performance issues

With Applications Manager's database monitoring services, you can:

  • Quickly identify the root cause of issues and avoid unecessary alert bombardment.
  • Set static and dynamic thresholds for monitoring real-time database performance metrics and get notified instantly when thresholds are violated, in the channel of your choice - email, text and Slack.
  • Leverage proactive anomaly detection using dynamic baselines to find the slightest deviations from usual database behaviour.
  • Automate anomaly alerting with our DB monitor that helps reduce MTTR.

Leverage trend analysis to plan capacity and upgrades

Applications Manager's DB management software offers a wide range of capabilities where you can:

  • Monitor database performance trends and utilization statistics using comprehensive reports.
  • Plan capacity and resource upgrades with ease.
  • Leverage the capabilities of forecast reports that are generated using Machine Learning algorithms to predict database utilization trends in the foreseeable future.
  • Customize report generation by choosing to create them on demand or on schedules.
  • Save reports as pdf, excel, or csv files and email them. Publish them on an external dashboard that allows users to view them.

Database Monitoring System - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Go beyond native database monitoring tools and homegrown scripts

Although most databases offer their own monitoring console (eg: Oracle Enterprise Manager), it is better to monitor DB performance alongside the rest of your infrastructure and application performance in high volume production environments. Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box monitoring, alerting and reporting for 150+ applications and infrastructure elements - both cloud native as well as on premise. You don't have the overhead of maintaining homegrown database monitoring scripts too.

Scale effectively with agentless database monitoring

Applications Manager's database activity monitoring software auto discovers your database instances and collects performance data using a combination of agentless methods such as JDBC, native OS and API calls. No need to install or maintain agents. Agentless real-time database monitoring methods are safe and secure for dev, QA and production environments, have low overhead, and can scale up to monitor thousands of database instances effectively.

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Simplify database performance monitoring with Applications Manager

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