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Azure Cloud Services (PaaS) Monitoring (Deprecated)

The Windows Azure platform offers a flexible, reliable and affordable solution for running service applications for a wide range of businesses. Regardless of the benefits that the Windows Azure platform can bring to your business environment, the key to delivering good service is ensuring that applications are performing at expected levels and cloud resources are being effectively utilized.

With Applications Manager's Azure monitoring tool, you can now gain full visibility into your cloud applications and rapidly troubleshoot performance problems.


Windows Azure availability and health
  • Discover and monitor Windows Azure applications and all its role instances.
  • Monitor metrics like CPU, Memory Usage and Network traffic of the various Virtual Machines in your Windows Azure VM Roles.
  • Monitor errors in Windows Azure Application deployment and get error notifications through Diagnostic Infrastructure logs.
Network Traffice VM bus adapter
  • For the various web applications built on your Azure Web Role instances, monitor the request execution time, requests rejected, TCP connections and more.
  • Monitor Windows Azure Role Instances for events such as failed requests, failed attempts to access secure files etc., and get alerts through Event and Trace Logs.
  • Get alerts for critical states, like “Role is offline“ and “Role is unresponsive”, and troubleshoot issues before it affects the end user.
Windows Azure Uptime/downtime Summary


Minimize the impact of downtime on your business with proactive performance monitoring of your Windows Azure application infrastructure.

IT administrators can leverage insight into the performance of the Web, Worker and VM Roles as visually comprehensible graphs and reports.

Now you can monitor and manage your Windows Azure environment with minimal effort, maximizing the value of your cloud investment.

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