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Azure Network Infrastructure Monitoring

Azure Network Infrastructure monitoring

Monitor the performance of your Azure network resources

Applications Manager offers monitoring support for a wide range of Azure services that can help you to track your network resource performance in real-time. It enables DevOps admins to keep a close watch on their Network Infrastructure resources hosted on Azure by offering monitoring support for the following services:

Azure Application Gateway monitoring

Enhance the traffic management capacity of your Azure Application Gateways to your web applications hosted on cloud as per your tier and optimize them for better security and load balancing. Keep track of vital load-based metrics such as Incoming/Outgoing Bytes, Data throughput, client RTT, current capacity and compute units to estimate the handling capacity and performance of your gateway. Gain deep insights on the traffic stats of your gateway by obtaining comprehensive visibility into the amount of requests and connections processed by both frontend and backend servers of your gateway along with detailed stats on response time and response status split-ups for accurate troubleshooting in case of slowness.

Azure ExpressRoute monitoring

Monitor the performance of your Azure ExpressRoute circuits and obtain alerts instantly in case of network downtime or connectivity issues. Ensure high availability of your circuit connections between your private on-premise network and Microsoft Cloud by constantly tracking ARP and BGP availability of your ExpressRoute circuits and troubleshoot connectivity issues instantly. Keep constant checks on the inbound/outbound rates of data processed and dropped for your circuit to estimate bandwidth performance and data loss for your circuits as well as their corresponding peerings to ensure seamless connectivity and data transfer.

Azure Firewall monitoring

Improve the security and performance of your Azure Firewall instances protecting your network resources and prevent malicious threats and attacks from unidentified sources. Track the overall health state of your Azure firewall as well as the amount of SNAT ports utilized by your firewall to detect possible network issues quickly in case of abnormal values. Obtain detailed stats on the amount of data processed by your firewall instance as well as the latency observed consequently to estimate the handling capacity and to allocate network resources quickly in case of performance bottlenecks. Measure the number of application/network rule hits made to your firewall and take appropriate measures to optimize firewall rules and policies for improved protection.

Azure Network Interface monitoring

Optimize the performance of your Azure Network Interfaces connected to your Azure VMs and ensure high availability of network resources. Obtain detailed stats into the amount of incoming and outgoing data processed by your network interface to monitor the bandwidth utilization and network performance. Also, measure the traffic volume of your network interface by tracking the number of incoming/outgoing data packets handled by your network interface and configure alert notifications in case of abnormal values.

Azure Virtual Network Gateway monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance of your Azure Virtual Network Gateways and ensure your on-premises network is securely connected to your Azure Virtual Networks for reliable data transfer. Analyze the bandwidth performance of your ExpressRoute and VPN Gateways as well as the routing mechanisms handled by your gateways and trigger instant alerts whenever there is a abnormal spike/fluctuation in the values for quick optimization. Obtain in-depth visibility into the performance of your VPN tunnels by analyzing the processing capacity and bandwidth performance of your VPN network tunnel to help you in making quick decisions on data security and resource allocation accordingly.

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Applications Manager provides a way to eliminate the visibility gaps left by native Azure monitoring tools and is easy to set up. Discover more on our Azure monitoring capabilities by downloading a 30-day free trial today!

Supported Azure monitoring services

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following Microsoft Azure services:

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