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Capacity Planning Reports

With ManageEngine Applications Manager's capacity planning and reporting ability, you can monitor, measure and report your enterprise's capacity to ensure that your servers are always efficiently allocated. Our capacity planning tool supports over 100 performance metrics that can aide capacity planning for a heterogeneous set of applications and IT resources ranging from servers, databases, VMs, containers, applications, web servers and web services.

Easy capacity management of resources

Applications Manager helps you keep an eye on infrastructure capacity planning metrics that are critical to determine future resource consumption and prepare for any usage spikes. Accurately analyze the resource usage of both physical and virtual servers with instant graphs on critical performance metrics such as:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Disk I/O utilization
  • Network utilization

You can also measure overall resource consumption as well as usage by workload. This helps you ascertain whether your resources/server is being overloaded or not.

Capacity planning report based on CPU utilization


Troubleshoot capacity problems and allocate capacity to where it’s needed

With configurable threshold settings, you can identify servers and virtual machines that can be right-sized so that its workload can get sufficient capacity. Discover capacity bottlenecks even in dynamic VMware environments. Get proactive alerts and locate the source of the capacity problem by drilling into the performance metrics.

Resource planning configuration


Filter capacity reports over various customized time periods

Measure your utilization over a period of time. Historical resource analysis over a shorter period helps you discover anomalies in resource consumption, while analyzing over a longer duration exposes the pattern or the trend in resource usage. Applications Manager's IT capacity planning reports can be generated for any desirable period for upto a year. They can also be exported in PDF, Excel, CSV and e-mail formats.

Filtering Capacity reports in Applications Manager


Rightsize your servers with IT capacity planning

Applications Manager enables you to properly allocate resources in your IT infrastructure to ensure that there is no undersupply or oversupply of resources. The IT capacity planning report identifies the underutilized, overutilized and idle servers in your ecosystem based on user-configured conditions and lists them out. IT admins can make educated decisions regarding resource allocation and rightsize servers based on this information. Businesses can also cut costs on underutilized servers by undersizing them.

Server capacity planning

The server monitoring and capacity planning capabilities in Applications Manager helps you monitor resource utilization including CPU, memory and disk. It also helps understand how resource usage varies across time. The Individual disk support option available for server monitor's Disk Utilization enables you to obtain the total number of disks and affected number of disks for each server. Applications Manager supports servers like Unix, Windows, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS and more!

Capacity planning for virtual machines and containers

ManageEngine Applications Manager monitors the health and performance of a wide range of technologies, including virtual servers and containers. VMs such as Citrix Hypervisor, ESX/ESXi, RHEV, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VMs can be monitored for resource exaustion, so you'll be able to preempt issues due to server overload and an undersupply of resources.

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