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Real-Time Insights for GCP Performance

Google Cloud Platform monitoring

Elevate your Google Cloud performance with real-time insights and proactive monitoring

In the dynamic realm of cloud computing, maintaining the health and performance of your infrastructure is paramount. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Applications Manager's Google Cloud monitoring tool helps you monitor your Google Cloud infrastructure in real-time, optimize performance and locate and resolve any issues immediately before it affects your business. Gain complete visibility and control of your GCP resources and application workloads with data driven insights. Quickly respond to business-critical incidents for improved performance and cost savings. Embrace the power of our Google Cloud monitor and safeguard your cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your digital presence remains unwavering and resilient.

Auto-discover the GCP instances in your IT infrastructure

Using Applications Manager's Google Cloud Platform monitoring capabilities, you can auto-discover, track, and gain actionable insights into the health and performance of your Google Cloud services.

We currently offer the following Google Cloud monitoring services:

Out-of-the-box Google Cloud Platform monitoring for streamlined performance management

Implementing comprehensive and intuitive monitoring solutions for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ensures the seamless management of your cloud infrastructure. Applications Manager's real-time Google Cloud monitoring tool monitors highly sensitive resource metrics such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, network traffic, pod CPU usage, in addition to other key GCP monitoring metrics. Monitor Google Cloud Platform KPIs to avoid high CPU utilization, disk throttling, and unexpected fall in throughput. Monitor change in the object size, storage utilization, and the number of objects in the storage bucket to gain an extensive understanding of your Cloud Storage and Filestore which is beneficial to obtain insights into your bill and keep it in check. Obtain a holistic view of all your GCP resources at a single glance with our Google Cloud monitoring dashboard.

Google Cloud Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Find and fix performance-related issues before they impact the end-user

Fault management is an essential feature in any Google Cloud monitoring solution for maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of cloud-based applications and services. With Applications Manager's Google Cloud performance monitoring:

  • Identify the source of issues or incidents in your Google Cloud Platform using Applications Manager's root cause analysis capabilities.
  • Get alerts in the medium of your choice (SMS, email or Slack).
  • Respond instantly to performance issues by automating corrective actions. Automate tasks using web hooks to start external actions or even integrate with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow or ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.
GCP Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Make informed decisions using Applications Manager's forecasting abilities

By analyzing historical resource usage data and employing forecasting algorithms, Applications Manager's GCP monitoring tool can predict future resource requirements. This aids in effective capacity planning, ensuring that the GCP infrastructure is adequately provisioned to handle anticipated workloads without compromising performance. Get trend analysis, attribute wise and inventory reports on a periodic basis in the form of statistical and graphical representations. Obtain Applications Manager's forecast reports generated with the help of machine learning techniques to make educated judgments on future growth and utilization. Substantially lower GCP costs before they could have a cumulative effect by analyzing reports on storage utilization, number of nodes, pod utilization and other key Google Cloud monitoring metrics.

GCP Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor hybrid and multi-cloud environments with ease

Every organization has its distinctive set of application workloads, which imposes requirements and limitations on the infrastructure of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. While migrating workloads to the cloud, organizations discover that their existing GCP monitoring solution might not be able to keep up with the dynamic cloud environment. Implementing cross-cloud monitoring tool that provide a holistic view of multiple cloud environments, enables you to manage and monitor resources across different cloud platforms from a centralized monitoring interface. Applications Manager's hybrid cloud monitoring capabilities also extend to monitoring other cloud instances such as AWS, Oracle cloud and Azure, and containers such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Overcoming the limitations of native GCP monitoring tool

By leveraging the capabilities of third-party GCP monitoring tools like Applications Manager, you can augment the monitoring capabilities of native cloud tools, address their limitations, and establish a more comprehensive and proactive monitoring approach. Although Google Cloud Operations Suite(formerly Stackdriver) provides native monitoring capabilities, it can be hard to set up and can get expensive as you scale. Applications Manager's tool for cloud monitoring is not only cost effective but is also easy to set up with the help of automated discovery.

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