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Microsoft NPS Radius Server

Network Policy Server (NPS) - Radius Server Monitoring

Applications Manager's RADIUS server monitoring tool helps you track the availability and performance of your NPS servers and provides detailed reports to better understand the status of its associated network connections. In addition, you get round-the-clock alerts on authentication, authorization or accounting bottlenecks encountered by your Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS).

With Applications Manager's Radius server monitoring software, you can:

Monitoring RADIUS servers with Applications Manager

Monitor key NPS performance parameters

Get real-time health and availability updates on your Network Policy Server (NPS) to ensure uninterrupted remote access to the associated system or server. Applications Manager's NPS monitoring also provides CPU and memory usage details that can be used to plan capacity, ensure your host CPU has adequate resources, and monitor your storage memory.

Network Policy Server (NPS) - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain insights into your NPS policy engine

With Applications Manager, you can measure how quickly your NPS matches connection requests with network policies. Get a good measure on your NPS network's policy engine efficiency with the aid of metrics such as request round trip time, number of pending requests, and remote access policies match rate. With this approach, Applications Manager's Radius monitor exposes processing bottlenecks on the NPS and how they impact policy matching.

NPS Network Policy - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Leverage NPS accounting and authentication data

With the aid of Applications Manager's Radius monitoring, you can easily track accounting request and response rates to have a clear understanding on the workload of your Microsoft NPS Radius server. Since accounting data has the user's authentication actions recorded, monitoring it can help uncover potential server load slowdowns and fix them. Additionally, you can monitor NPS Radius server to capture the rate at which packets are dropped, as well as how many erroneous packets are received by the server to shed light on network connection issues.

Microsoft Network Policy Server - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager also notifies you on the authentication status of your RADIUS proxy to help understand if the incoming requests are being accepted or rejected. You can also rapidly capture any unusual delays in request authentication by NPS; track the Access-Request messages sent for authentication, and report the rate at which these access requests are challenged or rejected by your NPS.

NPS Network - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get real-time alerts on performance anomalies

Applications Manager helps you distinguish consistent performance patterns from anomalies, which is critical to ensuring that your data platform delivers optimal performance for the end users of your applications. Additionally, you will be alerted if there are potential delays in NPS service authentication, abnormal number of access request rejections, and authentication bottlenecks. This gives you an opportunity to preemptively fix issues before it affects your end users directly.

Start monitoring your RADIUS servers in just a few minutes!

With Applications Manager's Microsoft NPS monitoring, you gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health of your Network Policy Server (NPS). Download a 30-day free trial of Applications Manager to quicky begin NPS monitoring!

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