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Oracle Multitenant Monitoring

The Oracle Database 12c is a high-performance, enterprise-class cloud database. The most notable out of over 500 new features which have been introduced in this version, are multitenant architecture and pluggable databases. A multi-tenant system is more complex than an equivalent single-tenant system, whose configuration can remain essentially static. Applications Manager's Oracle multitenant database monitor can simplify the operations inside a multi-tenant system and optimize the performance.

Maintain high level of QoS.

The main challenge in providing QoS in multitenant environments is the resource allocation among the PDBs. Applications Manager's Oracle multitenant database monitor provides details about the tablespaces that are heavily used at the PDB level. This helps you identify under/overutilized pluggable databases (PDBs) within a container database (CDB).

Oracle Multitenant Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Manage your workloads.

Applications Manager's Oracle multitenant monitoring tool not only gives you panoramic visibility into the tablespaces in CDBs and PDBs, but also cross-platform visibility into the servers associated with the database. Make educated decisions regarding the allocation of workloads among the PDBs in the database with extensive details provided by our PDB monitor as shown in the screenshot below.

Oracle Multitenant Monitoring software - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Keep an eye on tablespace usage and growth.

Track the total allocated, used and free space in each tablespace, the allocated and free blocks, reads and writes per minute, and the performance of data files belonging to the tablespaces. Track data growth in tablespaces and ensure proper provisioning is done at the right time by increasing capacity if needed. Understand the objects that are getting near to failing by looking at the objects approaching MAX Extents.

Track Connections and Users.

Improve latency problems by monitoring response times of connections. Keep track of important facts about users such as account expiry status, days to expiry, expiry date, etc.

Oracle multitenant Monitoring Service - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Sessions.

Monitor session activity and keep an eye on the changes made to the system. Get instant alerts when sessions are suspended. Get details about the session waits in the system and evaluate load distribution among group members. You should redistribute the load if required because a large number of waits is a source of concern.

Oracle multitenant Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Identify Queries with high buffer gets and disk reads.

High buffer gets can cause high disk reads and result in I/O workload increase and I/O path bottleneck. Identify the top queries according to the buffer gets and disk reads and prevent high buffer gets from putting pressure on the Oracle memory structure causing contention as well as burning CPU cycle.

Detect Deadlocks faster.

Deadlocks arise when transactions explicitly revoke the default locking of the database. Detect deadlock situations by keeping an eye out for sessions in the system that are waiting for a lock and the locks they are waiting for.

Manage Jobs and Backups better.

Check if everything is fine with your jobs. Identify jobs that failed to run, jobs whose next run date is delayed, jobs that exceeded the allotted run time, etc. without sifting through log files. Detect jobs which hinder ideal performance of the application and optimize them. You can also delete, enable or disable jobs from the Applications Manager console.

Applications Manager also lets you easily understand the status of backup jobs such as the jobs that have completed or failed, time taken for backup, last backup time, etc.

Oracle Multitenant Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Applications Manager provides comprehensive Oracle monitoring and management options. Besides monitoring, you can detect performance issues faster and automatically trigger corrective actions to reduce manual intervention while managing possible issues. You can also analyze the historical trends and predict future resources with our intelligent reports.

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