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IBM i Monitor Subsystem

IBM i server - Queue Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of queues in IBM i server

Data queues provide a fast means of inter-process communication, and is a method used to pass information to another program. Queues monitoring is of importance to operators as they are the holding areas for messages, printed reports, batch jobs, and other work that is waiting to be received, released to the CPU, or accessed by a specific user.

ManageEngine Applications Manager's IBM IBM i monitor enables you to manage pre-defined system library data queues and objects to let you maintain the overall performance of your IBM i server. Applications Manager also monitors:

  • Job queues - where jobs wait for batch processing
  • Output queues - where spool files wait to print.
System Management - IBM AIX

Applications Manager allows the user to perform in-depth data queue monitoring viz., job queues and output queues and set up alerts for when the queue exceeds resources available over a specified period of time.

Applications Manager also monitors and displays the status of the queues in clear, critical and warning states along with the health of each attribute. The user can discover and fetch available data queue's from IBM i server or from the data base.

Some of the parameters that are monitored in IBM i queues are:

Library Details Displays the details of the library where the data queue resides along with information about attributes like objects, number of messages and entries.
Utilized Allocation Displays the allocated storage currently in use by the data queue. You can configure alarms for when the utilized allocation breaches a threshold.
Subsystem Details Provides subsystem details like Name, Library, Current Active Jobs, Maximum Active Jobs and Status of the Job queue.
Current Active Jobs The number of jobs active in the subsystem.
Status of the Out Queue The status of the out queue, which can be either RELEASED or HELD and the number of spooled files in the queue.
Writer Status The status of the spooling writer i.e. started, ended, on job, held or message waiting

Queue Monitoring Capabilities

Users will be able to execute the actions like add queues to be monitored and remove queue from being monitored. You can also configure alarms for queues in the IBM i server and even make quick edits. Applications Manager's IBM i monitor enables you to manage and monitor your server's availability and performance.

IBM i Server Monitoring Capability

For more information, refer to IBM i Messages Monitoring Online Help.

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