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IBM i Monitoring History Logs

Monitoring Log Files Made Easy, Achieve Peak Performance of IBM i system.

  • How do you keep track of any device status change?
  • How do you know if the scheduled jobs in IBM i server is executed or not?
  • Want to keep track of any security violations in your system?

History log in IBM i is the tool that contains information on system activities, recorded in the form of messages, related to system failure, security vulnerabilities, warning messages. These messages are sent to QHST and dumped. It helps you keep track of the operation of the system and the system status. But, spending long hours digging through tons of logs to troubleshoot a single problem makes it critical for a system administrator to have a monitoring tool in place for history logs.

Log Monitoring - IBM AS400

Applications Manager monitors history log contents of IBM i server, for messages that needs intervention of an operator or system administrator. Applications Manager helps the user to configure the messages that are critical to his business and get alerted as and when it occurs. For example, messages related to hardware failures, authorization errors or even sign in failures can be configured. This will help troubleshoot faster, reduce system downtime, increase network performance, and help tighten security in the enterprise.

Applications Manager supports history log monitoring for versions IBM i 6.1 & above. It displays parameters such as:

Message ID Identifies the type of message(For example., CPI, CPF, CPC, CPD, CPP, CPA,etc).
Severity A two-digit value that help identify the severity of a condition.
Type The various types of messages such as Completion, Information, Diagnostic, Notify, etc. A Diagnostic message indicates errors in a system function, errors in an application, or errors in input data.
Message Displays the text of the message.
Date Displays the date when the log was sent.

Applications Manager will help system administrators, to monitor specific message IDs that are critical and help interpret problems faster. For example, when the CPF1816 message arrives indicating a power failure or the CPF2234 message arrives indicating a password failure, Applications Manager sends an alert that indicates that the message occurred.

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