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AS400 Monitor Subsystem

AS400/iSeries server - Monitoring Subsystems

Easier Subsystems Monitoring

  • How do you keep track of the various subsystems in the AS400 server?
  • How can you know which subsystems are in clear, critical or warning states?
  • Wouldn't you like to know the current number of active jobs in a subsystem?
  • How can you start or end multiple subsystem monitors simultaneously?
System Management - IBM AIX

The Subsystems available in AS400/iSeries server are one of the critical performance metrics monitored by Applications Manager in real-time. Applications Manager allows you to monitor, control and configure alarms for various subsystems in the AS400 server.

Applications Manager also monitors and displays the total number of subsystems in clear, critical and warning states along with the health of each attribute. Users can navigate through subsystems which are in clear, critical or warning through the For Monitor drop down menu where all the AS400 monitors in APM are listed.

Some of the parameters that are monitored in AS400 subsystems are:

Subsystems Summary Displays the total number of subsystems in clear and critical states along with the health of each attribute. You can view sunsystems in clear or critical state separately by click on the respective counts.
Monitored Subsystems Displays the subsystems added for specific monitoring. You can configure alarms separately for each subsystem added in the Monitored Subsystems respectively.
Subsystem Details Provides subsystem details like Name, Library, Current Active Jobs, Maximum Active Jobs and Status.
Current Active Jobs The number of jobs active in the subsystem.
Status The status of the subsystem, which can be either ACTIVE, END (in the process of ending), or RSTD (the controlling subsystem is in the restricted condition).
Library The name of the library where the subsystem description is located.

Subsystem Monitoring Capabilities

Users will be able to execute the actions like:

  • Delete
  • End
  • Start
  • Refresh

Applications Manager's IBM AS400/iSeries monitor enables you to manage and monitor your subsystems' availability and performance. Now, you can add or remove subsystems to be specifically monitored in Monitored Subsystems.

AS400/iSeries Server Monitoring Capability

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