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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform by Amazon. AWS offers an array of cloud computing services to build on from data centers spread across availability zones in regions across the world. But you still need to be able to understand what’s going on when you deploy and consume such a wide-ranging set of services.

From your infrastructure and applications to your end-user experience, Applications Manager performs robust monitoring of several core Amazon Web Services under your Amazon account:


Administrators will be able to perform easy monitoring of multiple AWS instances; track a wide variety of helpful metrics, including CPU usage, latency, network traffic, storage space, memory and other custom performance counters for optimal application performance at any scale. Thresholds can be set for the collected metrics; alarms generated at threshold breach and comprehensive fault management capabilities acquired for applications running on multiple instances. Dashboards can also be created to display graphs and statistics for both up to the minute and historical performance data. Detect performance and availability issues and pinpoint their root causes. Resolve application problems before your customers are impacted with Applications Manager’s AWS monitoring.

AWS Monitoring

Amazon EC2 Monitoring

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a web-based service that allows businesses to run application programs in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.  It provides users with computing capacity for IT projects and cloud workloads that run with global AWS data centers.

Applications Manager automatically discovers, and monitors, the availability and health status of Amazon EC2 instances. Track the key performance indicators  of the EBS volumes attached to these EC2 instances, providing you with comprehensive performance metrics to ensure services hosted on the EC2 platform are performing well at all times.

Send notifications or automatically make changes to the resources you are monitoring based on thresholds that you define. For example, you can monitor the CPU usage and disk reads and writes of your Amazon EC2 instances and then use this data to determine whether you should launch additional instances to handle increased load.

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Amazon EC2 Instance Monitoring

Amazon RDS Monitoring

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a Web service that helps users build, run and scale relational databases in the cloud. It offers resizable capacity for various industry standard relational databases and automates administration tasks like hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups.

ManageEngine Applications Manager automatically discovers Amazon RDS instances and continuously monitors key performance indicators of these instances. Gain visibility into the performance and resource utilization of RDS instances and the databases running on these instances. Monitor Database Connections, Network Traffic and Latency, check for breaks in service level agreements as well as ensure high quality of end-user experience.

Plan capacity and make educated decisions about allocating RDS instances.

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Amazon RDS Instance Monitoring

Amazon S3 Monitoring

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is the object storage from offering from AWS with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. Designed to be used as primary storage for cloud-native applications, AWS S3 is also ideal for storing web assets, static site hosting, backup and recovery, archiving, and general-purpose file storage.

Applications Manager offers in-depth insights on the storage status of AWS S3 buckets round-the-clock ensuring optimal resource utilization. Amazon Simple Storage Service buckets are automatically discovered as soon as the AWS account is setup and the Amazon S3 dashboard shows your buckets with the objects and folders they contain. Track the amount of data in bytes stored in a bucket to perform in-depth analysis and faster detection of storage problems for optimal usage of cloud resources. Graph metric data to troubleshoot issues and discover trends to improve performance, reliability, security, and cost effectiveness.

Amazon S3 buckets Monitoring

Amazon SNS

Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a flexible, fully managed Publish/Subscribe cloud messaging and mobile notifications service for coordinating the delivery of messages to subscribing endpoints and clients from the host of Amazon web services. With SNS you can fan-out messages to a large number of subscribers, including distributed systems and services, and mobile devices.

Applications Manager provides you with insight into the performance of your Amazon SNS service. Monitor region and topic-wise metrics like notification status (delivery and failure), SMS deliveries, messages throughput - sent and failed counts, subscription count and more.

Every metric can be made to trigger an alarm and send notifications to end-users. For example, you can set an alarm to send you an email notification to inform you of the event if a specified threshold is met for an Amazon SNS metric (such as Notifications Failed).

Amazon SNS Monitoring

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB, a part of the Amazon Web Services portfolio, is a non-relational database that delivers reliable performance at any scale. It's a fully managed, proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key-value and document data structures, offers built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching.

With Applications Manager, you can auto-discover your DynamoDB tables, gather data for performance metrics like latency, request throughput and throttling errors.Track Request Latency to know the time it takes for a database operation to get processed. Get Successful request latency reports for various read/write operations. Reserve capacity so the provisioned throughput does not get exhausted and you can handle sudden increases in traffic, without returning throttling errors. Handle errors (system errors and user errors) and exceptions.

Optimize resource usage and improve application performance of your Amazon Dynamodb database.

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Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring


With APM, you gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health of your AWS infrastructure and application performance. Quickly get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring with Applications Manager’s  full-fledged, 30-day free trial edition.

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