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Google Map Business View

  • Do you want to enhance your monitoring visually?
  • Do you want to capture the informations of your applications around the globe in a single view?

World Map Business View in Applications Manager enables network administrators to get a comprehensive understanding of how distributed your network really is. You can visually represent the status of all your monitor groups across the globe. The root cause analysis (RCA) data for the monitor groups configured is available in the map.

World Map Business View

Integration of Applications Manager with online map services offers a powerful, user-friendly mapping technology that lets you position your monitor groups on a map for a graphical representation.

"The Applications Manager tool has assisted our small team of solution providers to monitor our applications independently of the multitude of other services offered within our corporate network. Setting up our monitors has been a relatively easy process, and where we got stuck we have benefited from the support provided by the local partner in South Africa (ONSoft) and your Manageengine support team. The additional functionality offered by SLA manager will assist us to validate system availability to our internal customers."

Tim Jobson
Shared Solutions Support Team
Metropolitan Life - South Africa


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