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IIS Application Pool Monitoring

A feature specific to IIS webserver, Application Pool, is the grouping of various applications in order to allow isolation between different web applications. Running a bunch of websites in its own application pool has the advantage of better security, availability, performance and preventing errors like memory problems in one site from affecting the other. Recycling of application pool also helps in avoiding issues like application crash, memory hangs, etc.

Ensure IIS application pools are up and running. Why monitoring AppPool is important?

  • Web sites and web applications depend on the availability of IIS application pools.
  • A running status of the application pool ensures stability of web application.
  • Stopped status of an application pool can be indicative of configured CPU usage reaching the maximum limit.
  • An application pool may also be in a critical state because of an incorrect user name/password, or usage of a nonexistent or misconfigured account identity.
  • Periodic monitoring of health helps to determine the responsiveness of the application pools.

How will Applications Manager help?

  • Applications Manager's IIS monitoring tool displays the availability and health status of the different pools in the server.
  • Th various states Applications Manager monitors is starting, started, stopping, stopped, and unknown.
  • Alarms can be configured to alert you of critical status of application pools.

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