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Monitor Oracle ASM disk groups

Oracle Performance Monitoring: Oracle ASM Disk Groups

Monitoring Oracle ASM Disk Groups

Oracle ASM virtualizes the underlying disk storage acting as an interface between the Oracle instance and the storage devices that contain the actual data. You manage a small set of disk groups, and Oracle ASM automates the placement of the database files within those disk groups.

With Applications Manager, you will finally be able to graphically view ASM statistics with full drill-down capability to the ASM disk group and ASM disk level.

The ability to Monitor Datafiles Consists of :

  • Tracking disk group state
  • Configuring Applications Manager to to send real time alarms when state changes
  • Monitor memory (total and free).
  • Ability to take corrective action by creating and associating scripts
  • View Reports for Capacity Planning
  • Monitor Performance and Availability of thousands of Oracle ASM disk groups from a single multi user web console
Monitor Oracle ASM Disk Groups

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