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Monitor Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Performance Monitoring: Monitoring RPO

Monitoring the Oracle Data Guard environment

A company employing an Oracle Data Guard environment consists of primary and physical/logical standby databases. Proactive monitoring of an Oracle Data Guard environment involves monitoring both the primary and all associated standby databases. While monitoring such an environment, DBAs should be knowledgeable of the company's RPO and ensure that there is no data loss should the production database fail due to corruptions, system failures, storage failures or any other unforeseen event.

The ManageEngine Applications Manager Oracle Monitoring capability includes monitoring Oracle Recovery Point Objective (RPO), i.e. the amount of data you can afford to lose, if your server has a failure. You can monitor common elements such as the alert log file, archive log destination, and archive log history of both your primary and standby databases. Track gaps in archive log sequences, identify delays in redo transport and review transport and apply lags to alleviate potential issues.

Monitor Oracle Data Data Guard RPO

Oracle RPO Monitoring Metrics:

Some of the metrics for Oracle RPO management are as follows.

  • Log Apply Gap Details
  • Log Apply Lag Details
  • Archive Log Destination Details
  • Archive Log Destination Stats

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