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Oracle Performance Monitoring: Monitoring Jobs

The Oracle Database job scheduler helps you schedule jobs to run at a designated date and time or upon the occurrence of a designated event. With Applications Manager you can boost database performance by managing, monitoring, and controlling Scheduler jobs more effectively.

There are multiple states that a job undergoes from its creation to its completion. Applications Manager logs scheduler activity and information such such that the status of a job its last run time can be easily tracked. Details like run, retry and failure count provide valuable information about job execution that can help you schedule and better manage your jobs. For example, you can easily track all jobs that failed for a particular user.

In addition to jobs and processes, Applications Manager can also be used to monitor the progress of backups . This helps you determine the status of backup or restore bottlenecks and the resources used to backup jobs.

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Oracle Jobs and Backup Monitoring Metrics:

Some of the metrics for Oracle Job and Backup management are as follows.

  • Last Run status, date and duration
  • Next run date
  • Job Execution details like run, failure and retry count
  • Elapsed time
  • Last Backup time and status

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